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Climate Change Hits the Seafood Industry; We’re in for a Wild Ride

As I write this in Boston on December 23, highs are forecast in the 70s. It is not just that we haven’t seen snow. The same thing is true in New Hampshire and Maine, hundreds of miles to the north. The unsettling warmth is not just disrupting holiday ambiance. My wife had wanted to get sleds for our grandchildren this year and I felt what was the point since they couldn’t use them. It is also disrupting the seafood industry on a global scale. Our basic problem is that warming ...

Northern Cod Stocks Continue to Improve

For the past five years, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Marine Institute have been funding special cod surveys using the Celtic Explorer, a research vessel from Ireland. These surveys have documented the increasing populations of cod in the traditional spawning areas in the Bonavista Corridor, where the remnant population after the 1992 collapse was concentrated. According to Dr. George Rose, the rebuilding of the Northern Cod stock “parallels the North Sea cod story, ...