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All in the Family

Above Photo: Harris Richards (on the engine), Glen Richards (front left) in yellow and Hubert Richards (front right) Harrison (Harris) Richards has fished alongside his brothers for 50 years. In fact, for many of those years, there were at least five and sometimes six brothers fishing onboard the same vessel. His eldest brother is Willis Whyatt. Willis carries his mother’s maiden name because his father drowned in 1941 when Willis was just five months old. His mom, Elizabeth ...

Softshell Closure in Crab Fishing Area 3D

DFO advises harvesters that, in accordance with the soft shell crab protocol, grid quadrant AI 32C, in Crab Fishing Area 3D will close to fishing snow crab in water depths greater than 180 fathoms at midnight on Saturday, May 15, 2015 due to a high incidence of soft-shell crab. All crab traps must be removed from water depths greater than 180 fathoms.

Crab Fishery Opening Delayed in Crab Fishing Area (CFA) 3C (Green Bay)

A combination of northerly winds and ice is leading to more delays with the crab fishery on Newfoundland's northeast coast. DFO wishes to advise harvesters that the crab fishery opening in CFA 3C Cape St. John to North Head (Green Bay) has been further delayed due to ice and will now open at 06:00 hours on Monday May 18, 2015.