The Twine Loft – January 2021

Passed On: Scott Bateman – Newellton, N.S. fisherman

Bateman, 55, passed away on October 29 at home. Born on December 25, 1964, he was the son of the late Carol (Smith) and Ted Bateman. He spent the majority of his life on the water as an avid fisherman.

Passed On: Gerard Lewis – St. Anthony, N.L. fisherman

Lewis, 71, passed away on November 18 at the Charles Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony. He spent the majority of his years fishing and upon closure of the fishery, his new passion became commercial truck driving.

Passed On: Marie Black – Cheticamp, N.S. fish plant worker

Black, 83, passed away peacefully on November 4 at the Sacred Heart Community Health Centre, Cheticamp. She was a daughter to the late Willie and Yvonne (Camus) Muise. She was a fish plant worker and loved to hook rugs.

Passed On: Langille Swim – Clark’s Harbour, N.S. fisherman

Swim, 84, passed away on November 18 at the Roseway Hospital. Born in Clark’s Harbour on May 26, 1936, he was a son of the late Howard and Helena (Nickerson) Swim. He was a fisherman all of his working life. Upon his retirement, he enjoyed going to the wharf, visiting and talking to friends and watching the boats come into the harbour.

Passed On: Paul Duggan – Barrington Passage, N.S. fishery officer

Duggan, 77, passed away on November 2 at his residence. He was the eldest son of Paul and Marjorie Duggan of East Dover, Halifax County. He began his working career in the accounting department of Stairs Son and Morrow in Halifax. He then joined Firestone as a tire salesman covering Southern Nova Scotia. His true calling came when he was accepted at the RCMP Academy, Depot Division in Regina to pursue a career as a Federal Fishery Officer. His first posting was in Chatham, N.B. and was then transferred to Barrington Passage, N.S. where he raised his family and eventually retired. His proudest moment came for him and his family when he was summoned to Ottawa to personally receive the Exemplary Award from the Prime Minister’s office for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Passed On: Ronald Kenney – Clark’s Harbour, N.S. fisherman

Kenney, 89, passed away on October 31. He was born in Clark’s Harbour on October 13, 1931, the son of Charles and Evelyn (Nickerson) Kenney. He was a fisherman from an early age, growing up on Seal Island. He loved what he did and was always willing to lend a helping hand to his fellow fishermen.

Passed On: Howard Stanwood – Overton, N.S. fisherman

Stanwood, 90, passed away on November 20 at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Born on May 19, 1930 in Yarmouth, he was the only child to the late George and Gertrude (Killam) Stanwood. In his early years, he was a deckhand on the Bluenose, later turning his career to the fisheries. He loved handlining in the summer and lobster fishing in the winter.

Passed On: Ronald Stark – Digby, N.S. fisherman

Stark, 65, passed away on October 28. Born in Digby on August 8, 1955, he was a son to the late Otis and Alda (Robichaud) Stark. He was a dedicated scallop and lobster fisherman. He also worked in a sawmill and was a truck driver.

Passed On: Carl Morrison – Liverpool, N.S. fisherman

Morrison, 72, passed away on November 15. Born in Halifax, he was a son of the late Carl Gibson and Violet Morrison. He was a fisherman for most of his working life.

Passed On: Marie Eaton – Moose Harbour, N.S. fish plant worker

Eaton, 83, passed away on November 1. Born in Brooklyn, she was a daughter of the late Robie and Barbara (Zwicker) Joudrey. She was a former employee for Mersey Seafoods and Polar Bear Fisheries where she worked as a fish packer.

Appointed: Dr. Kurt Samways – Parks Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Restoration

The federal government recently announced that Dr. Kurt Samways has been appointed the first-ever Parks Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Restoration. The Parks department described the creation as a “historic milestone,” for both itself and the University of New Brunswick. Dr. Samways holds a Doctorate in Biology from the University of New Brunswick and has been selected for his decades of fish-related studies, and his research in partnership with Fundy National Park.

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