The Twine Loft – April 2024

Passed On: Frederick Thorne — Thornlea, N.L. fish harvester

Thorne, 59, passed away in Carbonear, N.L. on February 8, 2024. He was born on February 15, 1964. Thorne was a hard-working fisherman and a dedicated family man all his life. He began fishing with his father at eight years old, later quitting school at 15 to fish with him full time. From 1997 onwards, Thorne fished crab, capelin, shrimp, herring and mackerel with his good friend Gord McCarthy.


Passed On: Bruce Hillstrom — Charlottetown, P.E.I. mariner

Hillstrom, 92, passed away in Charlottetown on February 8, 2024. He was born on October 25, 1931, in Michipicoten, Ontario. Hillstrom joined the Royal Canadian Navy in his younger years, taking him to Halifax, N.S. He met his wife there, and the two settled down in Charlottetown. In retirement, Hillstrom discovered his love for sailing and boat building — building and restoring over 10 vessels. He became a true fixture at the Charlottetown Yacht Club and shared his help and knowledge with anyone who needed it.


Passed On: Winston Whyman — L’Anse aux Meadows, N.L. fish harvester

Whyman, 80, passed away in St. Anthony, N.L. on February 10, 2024. He was born on October 9, 1943, in L’Anse aux Meadows. He spent most of his life fishing and working, where he made many friends along the way.


Passed On: Gordon Fisher — Liverpool, N.S. fish harvester

Fisher, 80, passed away in Liverpool on February 15, 2024. He was born in Port Mouton, N.S. Fisher was a fisherman all his life.


Passed On: Winsor Hedderson — Cook’s Harbour, N.L. fish harvester

Hedderson, 75, passed away in St. Anthony, N.L. on February 4, 2024. He was born on January 5, 1949. Hedderson worked in the fishery all his life, a career he truly loved until his retirement.


Passed On: Andy Comeau — St. Alphonse, N.S. fish harvester

Comeau, 43, passed away in Meteghan, N.S. on February 16, 2024. He was born on February 10, 1981, in Yarmouth, N.S. Comeau worked his life as a lobster fisherman and was known for his hard work ethic and great physical strength.


Passed On: Robert Stewart — Yarmouth, N.S. mariner

Stewart, 86, passed away in Yarmouth on February 16, 2024. He was born in Yarmouth on January 14, 1938. Stewart served with several Sea Cadet corps in Nova Scotia, including as Commanding Officer of RCSCC 92 Chebogue in Yarmouth, where he started as a cadet in the 1940s, achieving the highest cadet rank of Chief Petty Officer. His last post was as Commanding Officer of RCSCC 26 Cornwallis; at his retirement ceremony in 1993, he was presented with the Meritorious Service Award.


Passed On: Alton Doucette — Melbourne, N.S. fish harvester and mariner

Doucette, 75, passed away in Yarmouth, N.S. on January 30, 2024. He was born on November 10, 1948, in Yarmouth. Doucette started his working life aboard the Bluenose doing trips between Yarmouth and Bar Harbour. He later worked as a fisherman for over 40 years. The ocean and fishing were his true passion.


Passed On: Aubrey Penney — South Side, N.S. fish harvester

Penney, 71, passed away in Yarmouth, N.S. on February 9, 2024. He was born on March 3, 1953, in Stoney Island, N.S. Penney was a fisherman for all of his life, first starting with his father at a young age before taking over the rig after his father retired.

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