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Whelk Fishery Opening in 3Ps

DFO advises that the whelk fishery in NAFO Subdivision 3Ps will open at 06:00HRS on Monday, May 4, 2015. Harvesters are reminded that at-sea observer coverage and dockside monitoring are a requirement for this fishery and these observer services must be arranged before commencing fishing. Fish harvesters are advised that licence conditions are available on the National Online Licencing System. (NOLS)

Maritime Seafood Coalition Formed in Response to Chronic Labour Shortage

The Maritime Seafood Coalition, announced this week, is a growing collection of fishing enterprises (fishers), industry organizations, and regional stakeholders working together to challenge the Federal government’s apparent unwillingness to take seriously the chromic labour shortage in the seafood sector. Lack of labour places Canada at a trade disadvantage: While labour shortages in fish and food processing are common in most developed nations, our competitors have the ability to use low ...

Newfoundland and Labrador Cod Fishery Enters Harvester-driven Fisheries Improvement Project

A new Fisheries Improvement Project led by the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW-Unifor) and WWF-Canada is aiming to bring a renowned Newfoundland and Labrador cod fishery that’s been under a fishing moratorium since 1992 back to a healthy level – and eventual commercial viability. The northern cod stock in NAFO area 2J3KL has shown clear signs of growth in some areas since 2006, with current trends pointing to even larger increases if current and future fisheries are well ...