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Navigator Magazine | 2015 | May | 26
day : 26/05/2015 4 results

2HJ,3KLNO Scallop Fishery Opening

DFO advises that the commercial Scallop fishery in NAFO Divisions 2HJ, 3KLNO will open at 06:00 hours, Monday, June 1, 2015. Harvesters are reminded that there is no dragging authorized in inshore crab fishing areas in NAFO Divisions 3KL. Licence fees and licence conditions are available through the national online licencing system.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Inshore Lobster Fishery Achieves MSC Certification

The Bay of Fundy, Scotian Shelf and Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence lobster trap fishery (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick) has achieved certification to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard. Following an independent assessment conducted by SAI Global, lobsters sourced from this fishery are now eligible to bear the blue MSC ecolabel which demonstrates they come from a well-managed, environmentally sustainable source. This fishery joins an elite group of 259 MSC certified fisheries ...

N.L. Government Provides Update on CETA

Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development Minister Darin King provided an update Tuesday on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s position regarding the ongoing dispute with the Government of Canada on the $400 million fisheries fund and the Canadian European Union Comprehensive Trade Agreement (CETA). “The federal government shows no signs of living up to its commitment to the agreed $400 million fisheries renewal fund. Despite sustained effort on the province’s part, ...

ASP Says Minimum Processing Headlines Misleading, Place CETA Tariff Reductions at Risk

The Association of Seafood Producers (ASP), the province’s industry trade association representing seafood producers, says recent reports about millions of pound of unprocessed fish exports are really misleading and ultimately undermine the competitiveness of the industry, including pending tariff reductions in Europe. Recent news reports suggest the province has allowed the export of almost 5 million pounds of unprocessed fish, through exemptions to minimum processing regulations (MPRs) ...