day : 15/06/2015 2 results

Herring Fishery Closed on 3Ps

DFO advises fishers that fixed gear in Herring Fishing Areas 10 and 11, including Pass Island to Cinq Cerf closed at 2400hrs on June 13, 2015. Also, the mobile gear Herring Fishing in Herring Fishing Area 10 (Placentia Bay) and Herring Fishing Area 11 (Fortune Bay and Southcoast) in 3Ps closed at 2400hrs on June 13, 2015. Fishers are reminded that all fishing gear must be removed from the water prior to the closure.

3NO Skate, Monkfish, White Hake and Atlantic Halibut Longline Fisheries Opening

DFO advises that the inshore fishery in NAFO Divisions 3NO for skate, monkfish, white hake and Atlantic halibut for vessels using longline opened today, June 15, 2015 at 0600hrs. This applies to vessel classes A251, A254, A257,  A260, A263, A266, A269, and A272. Licence conditions can be obtained at the Eastern, Central and Labrador Client Services Centre, St. John’s. Fish harvesters are reminded that all licence holders are required to provide a Daily Report of your fishing ...