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Navigator Magazine | 2015 | June | 18
day : 18/06/2015 2 results

Portion of 3K Crab Fishing Area Closing Due to Soft-Shell

DFO advises that in accordance with the soft-shell crab protocol, that Grid AE-42 in Crab Fishing Area 4 in NAFO Division 3K will close to fishing snow crab and shrimp at midnight on Friday, June 19, 2015 due to a high incidence of soft-shell crab. The grid is defined by the following co-ordinates: 50°20’ North, 53° 30’ West 50°20’ North, 53° 20’ West 50°10’ North, 53° 20’ West 50°10’ North, 53° 30’ West All crab pots must be removed from this area. The ...

Capelin Fixed Gear Fishery Opening in Area 13

DFO advises that the Capelin fixed gear fishery using traps and bar seine (including modified bar seine known as "tuck seine"), for vessels less than 65 feet, in Capelin Fishing Area 13 will open at 0600hrs on Friday, June 19, 2015. Fish harvesters prosecuting are reminded that a portion of the Bay of Islands is closed to pelagic fixed gear fishing. All fish harvesters are reminded that dockside monitoring requirements are in place for this fishery. Licence conditions are available ...