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What Will Climate Change Mean for Future Fisheries?

Fish by-products account for a considerable amount of waste in our province, with much of the material simply being dumped in the landfill or ocean or used as fish feed or pet food where possible. However, through bioprocessing and biorefinery there is an opportunity to generate more beneficial uses for these often discarded parts. While biorefinery and bioprocessing (ways in which to extract important factors from the by-products) are still new concepts to a very large part of the world, ...

Salmon Byproducts: A Prospective Source of Nutraceuticals

Fisheries and aquaculture play a vital role in Newfoundland and Labrador’s economy. However, have you ever wondered what happens with the waste from this industry and how it might be beneficial to our health? The team at the Fisheries and Marine Institute’s (MI) Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development (CASD) have recently undertaken some work to explore the topic. When it comes to processing salmon, significant amounts of skin, frame and trimmings (gut, fins and tail) are ...