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The Long and the Short of Longlines: Information Session Provides Insight into Norwegian Cod Fishery

If the Newfoundland and Labrador fishing industry hopes to return to a major commercial cod fishery in the coming years, it has some catching up to do. Countries like Norway and Iceland have a steady hand on the cod marketplace and have taken measures to ensure their fleets land top quality fish to meet market demand. Their fishing fleets have utilized advancements in gear technology, implemented quality assurance programs and taken steps to ensure sustainability of the resource. One type ...

Creating Value Key to Success in Global Seafood Business: CEO — Clearwater Seafoods Focused on Growth

With world population growth and a trend toward healthier diets, the global demand for seafood has jumped way past the available supply from both wild and farmed finfish and shellfish species. For innovative seafood companies this means favourable market dynamics and opportunities for growth. Ian Smith, Clearwater Seafood’s chief executive officer, said his company is doing well because of its ability to create value in its wild-caught seafood products and customer service. Ensuring the ...

Counting Fish Not So Complicated Says Economist: David Stambrook Says He’s Found a Simple, Accurate Way to Estimate the Size of Cod Stocks

An Ontario economist believes that if a method he has developed for assessing fish stock populations had been around in the 1980s, the northern cod collapse might not have occurred. In fact, David Stambrook says he can prove his method would have been up to four times more accurate than the assessments done by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) at the time. That, he noted, would have meant lower quotas and less chance of the stock being decimated. After Canada was granted its ...