Cape Broyle Sea Products Receives Funding For Sea Cucumber Processing

Cape Broyle Sea Products Ltd. is receiving $30,157 through the Provincial Government’s Fisheries Technology and New Opportunities Program to help achieve efficiencies and long-term viability of its sea cucumber operation on Newfoundland’s southern shore.

This funding will allow the company to hire consultants to analyze current technologies and processes. This work will include:

  • Market analysis to determine detailed customer product specifications;
  • Physiological research and investigation of alternative sea cucumber processing methods to remove the tentacles;
  • Productivity evaluation to determine ways to streamline operations; and
  • Investigation of new processing technologies in other jurisdictions.

This funding will help the company determine ways to improve upon current cutting equipment and tentacle removal options.

Improvements to processing technology resulting from this project are expected to be beneficial to all processing operations in the province using the same technology to process sea cucumber.


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