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Launch of the MV Veteran

The new ferry to service Fogo Islands and Change Islands, the MV Veteran, was launched on Friday, March 27, from Damen Shipyards in Romania and will enter the final stage of construction. The MV Veteran will have a capacity to carry 200 passengers and 60 vehicles. The provincial fleet of ferries annually transports over 900,000 passengers, 400,000 vehicles and 20,000 tonnes of freight across more than 50,000 arrivals and departures.

A Hands-On Experience

The Department of Ocean Sciences at Memorial University has wrapped up a two month-long, joint collaboration with the Oceans Learning Partnership. The program offers high school students and their teachers an opportunity to discover the diverse and fascinating world of ocean sciences. The biodiversity lab program gave Biology 2201 students and their teachers a field trip that provided many of the learning outcomes associated with the biodiversity unit of the course. “The program is an ...