Did Minister Seek a Food Fishery Commitment from Federal Minister Tootoo?

Kevin Parsons, Fisheries Critic for the Official Opposition, is asking if the Ball Government received a commitment this week from federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo to end the dangerous and discriminatory practice of limiting the Newfoundland and Labrador recreational food fishery to just a few days when bad weather can put people in jeopardy.

The Liberals promised in their 2015 policy platform to advocate strongly on the province’s behalf for an expanded recreational food fishery.

The Premier’s mandate letter to the province’s fisheries minister states: “I expect you to strongly advocate to the federal government on issues related to the Newfoundland and Labrador fishery and oceans policy in collaboration with your colleagues, given their role in the fishery. Advocacy efforts should include… An expanded recreational groundfish fishery…”

Parsons said, “People are waiting to hear a full report from the provincial minister on the details and results of his advocacy efforts. It’s time to expand the recreational food fishery so people in this province can enjoy the benefits that other Atlantic Canadians enjoy and choose to fish on days when it is safe to be on the water.”

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