Did you Fish Redfish in the 1980s or Before?

I am a research scientist at DFO in Mont-Joli, Quebec working on redfish assessment primarily for the Unit 1 + 2 stock (Gulf of St Lawrence and Laurentian Channel).

I am interested in speaking with anyone who fished redfish (skippers and crew) in the 1980s and before on their experiences and impressions of the stocks and the catch back then.

Some questions I have, when looking at data and model results, concern catches and reporting. I would be interested in hearing about catch and by-catch of small redfish in the late 1980s.

Also, I would be interested in hearing about the 1970s fishery both before and after the 200-mile EEZ and removal of foreign fleets.

Even if it is difficult to use recollections and anecdotal information in a formalized way, this kind of information can help us better understand data inputs and interpret model results.

If anyone who fished redfish in the 1980s and before, especially in Unit 1 + 2, would be interested in sharing their experiences, I would like to hear from them.

I can be reached via email (daniel.duplisea@dfo-mpo.gc.ca) or phone (418-775-0881). Please contact me and we can arrange a time when I could call.

Daniel Duplisea
Fisheries and Oceans Canada

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