Growing Optimism in Newfoundland and Labrador

Former Premier Brian Peckford once made the statement “Someday the sun will shine.” The sun is starting to shine on Newfoundland and Labrador.

We have a new Liberal Government in Ottawa and seven members of that government are from this province, so we will have a lot of representation on the government side and we are already starting to see some benefits.

The sun is starting to shine because of the announcement that we are going to get our Marine Rescue Centre back where it rightly belongs.

We are out in the North Atlantic Ocean where a lot of our people earn a living from the sea at fishing and shipping, plus a lot of ocean-going vessels need our help from time to time and being much closer will save more lives.

With a new Liberal party getting ready to take over the governing of this province, things look very bright for the next few years and hopefully with both governments working together the fish off our shores can rightfully be used for the benefits of this province.

We have to stop the bickering with Ottawa. We have suffered greatly these last few years because of the ABC campaign.

As my mother said “you can get more flies with honey, then you can with vinegar.”

Capt. Wilfred Bartlett
Green Bay South

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