Immediate Action Needed to Save Whales

We are devastated at the loss of now six right whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

It was one, then two, then four, five and now six. It has left our team and our allies sickened and heartbroken. It has left us angry and wanting to take emergency action.

Of the six precious whales now confirmed dead, I will tell you about two briefly.

Whales such as the matriarch Punctuation, who birthed eight calves and was responsible for multiple grandchildren after that and the newly mature male Wolverine, who would have helped create further priceless calves, were vital members to this species and its survival.

It is devasting to know that their lives were characterized by stress and injury from human activities. It is not just a tragedy. It was entirely preventable.

This death toll must stop. This instant.

The loss of just these two have impacts that will last generations. We will never see more of their own children, and we and their own kin will never experience the benefits from those further offspring. It is a tragedy that we are all just trying to absorb in this very moment.

We mourn these beautiful whales and we must now push for even greater action from our governments in order to prevent the extinction of this species. There is simply no time to waste.

Please take action now and request an emergency response to protect the remaining right whales in our waters.


Gretchen Fitzgerald

National Program Director

Sierra Club Canada Foundation

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