Increase in Turbot TAC for Nunavut

The Nunavut Offshore Allocation Holders Association (NOAHA) has stated it is pleased with the recent announcement by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) of an increase in total allowable catch (TAC) for Greenland halibut (turbot) in NAFO Divisions 0A and 0B.

The Total Allowable Catch for Division 0A will increase from 8,000 tonnes to 8,575 tonnes and Nunavut will receive 100 per cent of the increase. The total allowable catch for NAFO Division 0B will increase from 7,000 tonnes to 7,575 tonnes. Nunavut will receive 90 per cent of the increase and Inuit fishers in Nunavik will receive 10 per cent, DFO announced.
Sakiasie Sowdlooapik, Chair of NOAHA, stated “NOAHA thanks the DFO Minister for announcing this increase in TAC.  We are very pleased that the Minister continues to recognize Nunavut’s adjacency in allocating these increases to Nunavut”.

The changes in quota for Nunavut will brings its share of the total adjacent turbot quotas in Divisions 0A and 0B up from 72.3 per cent to 73.9 per cent and provide an additional 1,092.5 tonnes of turbot for the industry to fish on an annual basis.

“Increases in our quotas show the health of this stock and the importance of continuing the multi-species surveys in our adjacent waters.  This type of research is needed to ensure sustainability and continue to grow and diversify our fishery for the benefit of all Nunavummiut”, stated Sowdlooapik, “NOAHA looks forward to continuing to work closely with DFO and our other Nunavut stakeholders to further increase our share of adjacent turbot and shrimp resources and address other issues facing our industry”.

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