Lobster Boat Goes Down on Second Last Day of Season

The lobster boat Lois N II sank May 30 off the coast of Port La Tour, Nova Scotia.

Sub-Lt. Jamie Tobin, a spokesman for the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax, said two fishing vessels collided around 9 a.m., the Chronicle Herald reported.

Lois N II began sinking, but the other vessel was in better condition and was able to take on the five-member crew of the sinking boat and transported them safely to shore.

The JRCC didn’t send any rescue teams to the accident, but Sub-Lt. Tobin said, “we are very happy to hear that both crews are now safely on shore.”

The vessel sinking took place one day before the South West Nova winter lobster season comes to an end.

The Lois N II was built in 1979.

Photos courtesy of Gordie Marsh.

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