Lobster Fishermen Reminded of Safety as Season Starts

Lobster fishermen in southwest Nova Scotia are reminded to stay safe as they launch the start of their season Monday, Nov. 30.

“Fishermen have led the change to improve safety across the fishing industry with more man-overboard training and an increased use of personal flotation devices,” said Kelly Regan, Nova Scotia Minister of Labour and Advanced Education. “I urge all fishermen to continue with the great progress they’ve made, and keep safety a priority as they head out to sea this season.”

“Safety needs to be a priority for all captains and crew,” said Paddy Gray, co-chair of the Lobster Fishing Area 33 and Safe at Sea Alliance representative. “There are things we can all do to ensure that. Monitor weather conditions, wear your personal flotation devices, and be prepared in the event of an emergency.”

Fishermen, industry, government and the Workers’ Compensation Board have created a plan to make Nova Scotia’s commercial fishing industry safer. The Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council are leading the implementation of the plan’s 33 recommendations.

Improvements to safety in the fishing industry have resulted in their lowest Workers’ Compensation Board employer rate since 2004 and a substantial decrease in days lost due to injuries.

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