My Tribute to James Morgan

I first met Jim Morgan back in the late 70s when he was Fisheries Minister in the Peckford Government.

We were in the process of trying to get a marine service centre in the Green Bay South area, and after a long time we were successful.

We also had meetings with Jim after the anti-sealing group destroyed the market for seal products.

After Jim was finished with politics, he formed an organization called Rural Rights and Boat Owners Association because the federal government had stopped Newfoundlanders and Labradorians from being able to get a cod to put on the table.

Jim was president and I served with him for several years as vice president. Some of us went out and got charged while protesting, but we did get a food fishery and still do to this day, thanks a lot to Jim Morgan for his lobbying and persistence.

I knew Jim for close to 40 years and I found him to be a good politician, one who was accessible, easy to talk to and was straightforward, a quality that is lacking in many politicians today.

I offer my sincere condolences to the family and was proud to have known him and to have him as a friend.

So long dear friend, rest in peace.


By Wilfred Bartlett

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