N.L. Environment Department Seeking More Information on Proposed Marystown Salmon Hatchery

The Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Environment and Conservation has determined that Grieg Nurseries NL Ltd’s Marystown Atlantic Salmon Hatchery environmental assessment cannot proceed until a description of the entire project, including the salmon hatchery, the sea cage components and triploid fish is registered as a single undertaking.

This order is pursuant to Section 29 of the Environmental Assessment Regulations, 2003 and is as follows:

An undertaking that will be engaged in farm raising fish or shellfish where that undertaking will intervene in the rearing process to enhance production by keeping the animals in captivity, stocking and feeding the animals and protecting the animals from predators including:

  • (a)  fish or shellfish farming in salt water or fresh water; and
  • (b)  fish or shellfish breeding and propagating or hatchery services, where the undertaking will include the construction of shore based facilities other than wharves and storage buildings and
  • (c)  permanent marine trap or weir fisheries, shall be registered.

The proponent may submit supplementary information to be combined with the current submissions or withdraw the current proposal and re-submit a new document which describes the full scope of the project.

Regardless of which approach is taken, another 45-day screening review period which will include a 35-day public review period will be required.

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