N.L. Government Hands Out $2 Million in Fisheries Project Funding

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Seafood Innovation and Transition Program has provided over $2 million to support innovation and development for 37 initiatives throughout the province’s seafood industry.

The program was announced in Budget 2016 with a focus on helping the seafood industry transition to a groundfish-based fishery.

The Seafood Innovation and Transition Program is designed to support growth and diversification in the province’s seafood sector, including initiatives to make the transition from shellfish to a groundfish-dominated industry in the future.

The projects include:

Proponent Project Title Provincial Contribution in 2016
Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation Ranched Cod Feeding Optimization $34,443
Beothic Fish Processors Ltd. Processed Dry Fish Products – Phase III $74,400
Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association (NAIA) Aquaculture Promotion $55,000
Allen’s Fisheries Ltd. Development of an Automated Racking and Palletizing System $100,000
Atlantic Treasure Capelin Market and Technology $79,425
HSF Ocean Products Ltd. Onboard Handling Technology $100,000
Dandy Dan’s Fish Market Ltd. Purchase a Marel Portioning Technology $88,732
Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources Develop and Test a New Cod Pot Design $77,410
MUN – Ocean Sciences Cleaner Fish Project – Phase 2 $30,000
James Chidley Purchase Insulated Tubs $4,340
Marine Institute PrimeFish Canada – Year 2 $97,590
Baxter S. Stokes Tuck Seining Herring and Capelin $73,901
Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development (CASD) Coolnova Technologies Optimization Trials – Phase II $43,975
Jason Sullivan Slurry Ice System Infrastructure $73,981
Icewater Seafoods Inc. Installation of a Innova Solutions System $100,000
Fisheries Science Stewardship and Sustainability Board (FSSSB) Mitigation of European Green Crab in Fortune Bay $59,299
Centre for Fisheries Ecosystem Research Residency and Stock Dynamics of Cod – Year 1 $47,310
NAIA Cod Grow-out Advancement Project $83,000
WWF – Canada Northern Cod Fishery Improvement Project – Year II $79,500
CASD Technological Improvements to the End-of-Line Handling $39,068
Marine Institute (CASD) Cod Pilot Project – Conche $61,292
Marine Institute (CASD) Halibut Quality Initiative $26,005
Hubert Hedderson Purchase Insulated Fish Containers $4,719
Troy Hardy Purchase and Install a Mustad Autoline System $94,697
Kevin Hardy Onboard Groundfish Handling System $21,400
Doug Trainor Purchase Deck Equipment $40,145
Notus Electronics Ltd. Evaluating a Trawl-Mounted Echo Sounder $30,698
CASD LMW Salmon Peptide III $30,000
David G. Chidley Purchase Fish Hold Boxes $6,227
FSSSB Cod Quality Phase II $100,000
Torngat Fish Producers Co-Operative Society Ltd. Experimental Whelk Fishery $18,740
JBCE Fisheries Ltd. Purchase and Install a Mustad Autoline System $96,410
Green Seafoods Ltd. Product and Market Development $60,000
Norlantic Processors Ltd. Purchase a Deep Water ROV $27,219
Fish, Food and Allied Workers Harvesting the Potential of 3N0 Whelk $87,095
North Atlantic Marine Services and Supplies Inc. Service and Supply Mustad Autoline Systems $4,512
Hailey Bear Enterprise Ltd. Design, Construction, and Operation of a Multi-Species Vessel $31,200

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