N.L. Government Invests $358,000 in Sea Lice Removal Project

Researchers will use a $358,000 investment from the Newfoundland and Labrador government to support the growth of the provincial salmon aquaculture industry.

Through the research project, alternative methods for sea lice removal at Atlantic Salmon aquaculture sites using cleaner fish, specifically cunners (conners) and lumpfish, which are native to the province’s coastal waters will be evaluated.

The total project value is $991,000, which includes a $258,000 contribution from the Research & Development Corporation and $100,000 from the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

This project involves industry collaboration with Cold Ocean Salmon Inc., a subsidiary of Cooke Aquaculture Inc. which operates a salmon aquaculture facility in St. Alban’s, where research will take place.

A multi-faceted research team is conducting research dedicated to developing a “new tool” for industry to use to mitigate and control sea lice on Atlantic salmon. Cleaner fish are fish that provide a service to other species by removing ectoparasites, such as sea lice.

Other funding sources include the Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation.

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