New Plan Unveiled to Improve Fishing Safety

Fishermen, industry and government released a plan today, June 4, in Eastern Passage, aimed at making Nova Scotia’s commercial fishing industry safer.

Fishing Safety Now is a plan by and for Nova Scotia’s fishing industry. Developed by the Safe at Sea Alliance – a group of fishermen, family members, industry, safety organizations, community leaders, and government – the plan includes several recommendations to help improve safety.

Recommendations include the development of a safety toolkit, more education and awareness of safety requirements, and more training and safety drills.

“We need to do something to make the industry safer,” said Dale Richardson, a swordfish and lobster fisherman from Sable River, Shelburne Co., and a Safe at Sea Alliance industry representative.

“We won’t fix everything overnight, but by having everyone in the same room – industry, Workers’ Compensation Board, government, Nova Scotia Community College and the Transportation Safety Board, we’re making giant leaps forward.”

The Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council will take the lead on carrying out the 33 recommendations.

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