New Website Promoting Canadian Seafood

Canada is world-renowned for producing some of the most exceptional seafood in the world.

The taste and quality of Canadian seafood is unlike anywhere else in the world. That is why Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador, have launched a new website, Seafood from Canada, to promote the region’s seafood to international export markets. The new website is

“Canadian seafood harvesters, farmers and processors work tirelessly to provide high quality, sustainable seafood from the cold North Atlantic ocean. An impressive bounty of products including lobster, snow crab, coldwater shrimp, farmed Atlantic salmon, scallops, halibut, herring, Atlantic cod, blue mussels, oysters and redfish are enjoyed in more than 130 countries. The new Seafood from Canada website will help connect Canadian seafood suppliers with buyers in key export markets worldwide. This initiative was made possible with funding from the Government of Canada and the four Atlantic provinces,” stated a press release launching the new website.

The website features:

  • Company directory with more than 300 Canadian seafood exporters, allowing buyers and distributors to connect directly with exporters.
  • Information on key seafood species and product forms available for export, including lobster, snow crab, oysters, blue mussels, coldwater shrimp, tuna, Atlantic cod, redfish and more.
  • Calendar of events identifying international export activities to connect buyers with Canadian seafood exporters.
  • Recipes, videos, stories and industry news.

This, however, is not the first website of its type.

In 2003, the Atlantic Canada Exports (ACE) website was created for the Atlantic Canada Seafood Sector Export Team (SSET), formerly the Atlantic Canada Seafood Trade Group (ACSTG), as a marketing tool to promote Atlantic Canada fish and seafood to buyers around the world. The site was also used to highlight the activities the four Atlantic provinces were participating in (e.g. Seafood Expo North America) to increase networking opportunities and build business relationships.

Initially, the provinces used the site branding and design in their promotional material and at trade shows to create a cohesive brand for Atlantic Canada.

However, since its development, the provinces have changed their strategy for promoting Atlantic Canada internationally. The ACE brand was retired in favour of Canada Brand imagery and messaging; however, there was no consistent brand and story that could be used across multiple projects in various international markets.

The SSET is comprised of senior trade officials from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Government of Canada, as well as representatives of various provincial and regional industry associations. The SSET works to develop long-term export development strategies for the Atlantic Canadian seafood sector to grow export opportunities for Atlantic Canadian seafood companies.

The SSET identified the need for a promotional and educational tool to promote the Atlantic Canadian seafood industry to global markets. As a result, a committee of representatives from the four Atlantic provinces have developed a new brand and website,

The purpose of the new brand, website, and promotion around it is to increase awareness of the Atlantic Canadian seafood industry. The website will direct potential buyers to information about Atlantic Canadian seafood companies and Canada branded marketing information.

The website was developed by WaterWerks, a modern digital agency based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The project was managed by Taste of Nova Scotia, working jointly with a committee of senior trade officials from the Atlantic provinces and the Government of Canada.

Taste of Nova Scotia is a non-profit marketing association with extensive experience in website development and maintenance, as well as marketing and communications. They participate in a variety of international and domestic export development initiatives annually to assist in growing export opportunities for Atlantic Canadian companies.

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