NL Government Invests More Than $1 Million to Expand Bay Management Areas

The Newfoundland and Labrador provincial government announced today that it is investing more than $1 million over two years for oceanographic research to support aquaculture sustainable management practices and future expansion of the industry.

The research will inform the further development of aquaculture bay management areas along Newfoundland’s South Coast. The creation of new bay management areas will help to enhance the health, biosecurity and performance of aquaculture sites as well as preserve the environmental integrity of the ecosystem that both aquaculture and wild fisheries rely upon.

This summer, the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture will complete survey work in the outer Bay d’Espoir area and investigation of new areas in the Bays West region, between Rose Blanche and Facheux Bay. Next summer’s survey work will begin investigation of potential sites in Placentia Bay.

This work will be supported by the Marine Institute’s research vessel, MV Anne S. Pierce, and will gather:

  • Oceanographic information on currents, tides, surface and deep water movement, sea bed topography; and
  • Other environmental information related to water salinity, temperature, weather, and wind.

Establishment of a scientifically validated, ecosystem-based area management regime supports the continued sustainable expansion of the salmonid aquaculture sector, enhanced biosecurity and fish health policies and practices. It also better informs licensing and development of aquaculture areas.

To date, 11 bay management areas have been created along the south coast in the Bay d’Espoir area.

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