Northern Cod Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) Launched

On April 16, industry participants announced the creation of a Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) for northern cod, formerly one of the world’s largest and most iconic fisheries.

Northern cod (NAFO area 2J3KL) has been under moratorium since 1992. Recent biomass indicators show significant improvement in stock biomass — though as yet below Blim — and positive stock indicators related to age profile, among others. Environmental conditions are also generally positive for the stock.

The FIP process is being led by two industry associations, the Association of Seafood Producers (ASP) and the Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council (GEAC). Participation includes the national and provincial government departments. Member companies of ASP and GEAC are listed below.

“SFP supports this industry-led FIP and is pleased with the work of ASP and GEAC in implementing this important and timely project,” said Jim Cannon, CEO and founder of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. “As has been said before, northern cod was an iconic fishery that helped shape the historic development of North America. We are pleased to see industry stepping up, to collaborate to improve the policies and management around northern cod, as a key element in preparing the fishery for full recovery.”


About GEAC

The Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council is a non-profit association representing offshore groundfish fishing enterprises in Atlantic Canada. GEAC works to promote the interests of members around the use,development and conservation of Canada’s groundfish resources. Directly and through member companies, GEAC is involved in another groundfish FIP and four groundfish fisheries that are either MSC certified or in the MSC assessment process.


About ASP

The Association of Seafood Producers is an industry trade association representing seafood producers in Newfoundland and Labrador. ASP is the client for several MSC-certified fisheries, and was the client for Canada’s first ever MSC-certified fishery.


About SFP

SFP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting seafood supplies and livelihoods while achieving environmentally sustainable fisheries and fish farming. SFP works with businesses to identify the challenges in seafood sourcing and catalyze practical improvements while also maintaining a global public database of fishery information.


ASP Members

Atlantic Cold Seafoods (Cold North)

Barry Group Inc.

Beothic Fish Processors Ltd.

Breakwater Fisheries Ltd.

Grand Bank Seafoods

Green Seafoods Ltd.

Happy Adventure Sea Products (1991) Ltd

Independent Fish Harvesters Inc.

Labrador Fishermen’s Union Shrimp Co.Ltd

Notre Dame Seafoods Inc.

Ocean Choice International L. P.

Quin-Sea Fisheries Ltd.

Quinlan Brothers Ltd.

St. Anthony Seafoods L.P.

Woodman’s Sea Products Ltd.


GEAC Members

Acadian Fish Processors


Charlesville Fisheries

Clearwater Fine Foods

Harbour Grace Shrimp Company

Icewater Seafoods Inc.

Inshore Fisheries

James Mood Fisheries

Ka’Le Bay Seafoods

Lameque Offshore Fishing Ltd

Marro Management

Mersey Seafoods

Monica Rae Fisheries

Nordic Fishing Company

Nova’s Finest

Ocean Choice International

Pecherie Chevarie

Premium Seafoods

Scotia Quota

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