Provincial Government Supports 2015 Seal Harvest

The sealing industry remains an important contributor to the provincial economy providing economic benefits to people and communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Provincial Government announced April 7 that it is providing $2 million to support the purchase of seals from the 2015 harvest. This support comes in the form of loans to Carino Processing Ltd. and PhocaLux International Inc. of up to $1 million each.

The $2 million in loan funding will go toward the purchase of seal meat, pelts and fat to be processed by Carino Processing Ltd. at its facility in South Dildo and by PhocaLux International Inc. at its facility in Fleur de Lys. Each company will make matching contributions for processing and marketing activities.

The annual seal harvest is closely monitored and carried out professionally and humanely using procedures that have been recommended and endorsed by veterinarians. All commercial seal harvesters are required to complete humane harvesting, quality, health and handling training.

In addition to providing loans for inventory financing, the Provincial Government has assisted the sealing industry over the past several years with funding to support international marketing efforts, research and development projects in support of new products and sealer training seminars.

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