Salmon Netting Leads to Convictions and Significant Fines

An investigation by officers with the Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Division into the illegal netting of salmon in the Carmanville area has resulted in the conviction of two individuals for various offences.

In late summer 2014, officers received complaints from the general public related to the netting of salmon in the Shoal Pond – Ragged Harbour River area of central Newfoundland.  After conducting surveillance, officers apprehended two males on September 5 who were found to be in possession of six untagged Atlantic salmon. Both were charged with a number of offences under the Fish and Wildlife Act.

At Provincial Court in Gander on May 5, 2015, Harvey Hodder of George’s Point and Clarence Jones of Musgrave Harbour were convicted for illegally netting Atlantic salmon. Both Hodder and Jones were prohibited from being on inland waters and from fishing on inland waters for three years and also prohibited from holding any fishing licence for three years. Jones was fined $3,000 while Hodder received a $2,500 fine. Six Atlantic salmon and a backpack were forfeited to the Crown.

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