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2015 NL Commercial Eel Fishery in Coastal Waters Opens

DFO reminds fish harvesters that the opening date for the 2015 NL commercial eel fishery in coastal waters was June 1, 2015. Licences and conditions are available through DFO’s National On-line Licencing System and the site location conditions may be obtained from the DFO Detachment offices. The eel fishery will close for all gear types in all locations on October 31, 2015.

Eel Elver Fishery Opening – Southwest Coast

DFO advises that the net and trap fishery for elvers will open at 0600 hours on April 16, 2015 for the following areas of the Southwest Coast: Farmer's Brook; Roti Brook; Connoire Bay Northeast Arm; Connoire Bay Northwest Arm; North Bay Brook East, La Poile,; North Bay Brook West, La Poile,; Grandy's Brook; Grand Bruit Brook; Cinq Cerf Brook; Couteau Brook; Bay de Loup Brook. This fishery is prosecuted for the purposes of aquaculture of this species.