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Herring Purse Seine Fishery Opening in Area 13 and 14

DFO advises that the herring purse seine fishery, for all mobile gear in Herring Fishing Area 13 and 14, will open May 13, 2015. Individual quotas are in place and fish harvesters are reminded that licence conditions are available through the DFO National Online Licencing System. At-sea observer coverage services must be arranged before commencing fishing. Fish harvesters are reminded of the licence condition that is in effect for the 2015 season in order to protect lobster habitat. ...

2J3KLPs Herring Integrated Fisheries Management Plan – 2015-2016

DFO advises that the 2J3KLPs Herring Integrated Fisheries Management Plan has been finalized. The total allowable catch has been set at 14,291 tonnes for 2015-2016. Based on the review of the data collect during the pilot project, the minimum size herring that maybe retained has been changed to 24.76mm (9.75 inches).