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Appropriate Technical Support is an Essential Part of Vessel Construction

When designing a new vessel or modifying an existing one, the starting point to ensuring safety is to work with competent persons that have the relevant skills, experience and education. There are many experienced and talented boatbuilders throughout Atlantic Canada — we just seem to have a knack for it in this region. Boatbuilders could be individuals that grew up around boatbuilding because of a family history in the industry. Boatbuilders could also be carpenters that became involved ...

Clearwater Unveils Latest Addition to Clam Fleet

Clearwater Seafoods recently welcomed the Belle Carnell into its fleet of clam vessels in St. John’s. “The Belle Carnell represents the single-largest vessel investment in Clearwater’s history and is a testament to our dedication to the fishery, the region and sustainable seafood excellence,” said Ian Smith, CEO, Clearwater Seafoods. “This vessel will positively impact the economy across Atlantic Canada, creating 70 new well-paying, year-round jobs in our fleet and grow our 52-week ...