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2020 N.L. Recreational Groundfish Fishery

The 2020 recreational groundfish fishery in Newfoundland and Labrador saw an uptick in participation with approximately 8,000 vessels leaving docks and wharves around the province. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans stated that enforcement officers reported 37 violations with 22 charges issued and 15 written warnings.

Successful 2017 Yarmouth Shark Scramble

After a brief hiatus, the 2017 Yarmouth Shark Scramble was labeled an overwhelming success by all involved. A total of 40 blue sharks and two mako sharks were caught by the more than 20 fishing crews. The landed fish were dissected on shore by DFO scientists as part of their shark research efforts. As well, approximately 70 sharks were tagged and released for further study.   Awards 1st Place 313-pound blue shark caught by Ian McNicol on board the vessel Classy Lady. 2nd Place ...

Port de Grave Light Show

The scenic fishing community of Port de Grave, Conception Bay, Newfoundland was shining bright once again this year. The annual boat lighting tradition is a point of interest for many  in the province, with about 30,000 visitors each year. There is a strong sense of pride in the Christmas light display and this year was no different. Dozens of boats decorated with bright lights of various colours, shapes and sizes making for a breathtaking view. Photos by Danielle Hoddinott and Alex Chafe

Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium

The mission of the Petty Harbour Mini Aquarium is to foster curiosity about local marine life and inspire action toward personal and global sustainability through display, interpretation and direct action. At the end of the Aquarium’s season in October, all of the creatures on display are released back into the ocean. Photos by Danielle Hoddinott and Jennifer Oake.