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P.E.I. Government to Invest in Boatbuilding Industry

After discussions with the boatbuilding industry, it was clear that there was a real need for additional workers, due to the high demands for fibreglass boats as of late, said Minister Heath MacDonald, Economic Development and Tourism. “I’m pleased to announce a partnership between Economic Development and Tourism, Workforce and Advanced Learning, Central Development Corporation, Island boatbuilding businesses, and the Nova Scotia Boat Builders Association, which will assist the regional ...

Launch of the MV Veteran

The new ferry to service Fogo Islands and Change Islands, the MV Veteran, was launched on Friday, March 27, from Damen Shipyards in Romania and will enter the final stage of construction. The MV Veteran will have a capacity to carry 200 passengers and 60 vehicles. The provincial fleet of ferries annually transports over 900,000 passengers, 400,000 vehicles and 20,000 tonnes of freight across more than 50,000 arrivals and departures.