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Crab Fishing Area 12 Season Extension

DFO advises that the Snow Crab season for Crab Fishing Area 12, in NAFO sub-Division(s) 4R3Pn, has been extended to July 14, 2015 at 2000hrs. Fish harvesters are reminded to apply through the National Online Licencing System, if they are engaged in, and wish to continue a buddy-up arrangement. DFO will continue to monitor soft-shell and implement the soft-shell protocol as required.

Portion of 3K Crab Fishing Area Closing Due to Soft-Shell

DFO advises that in accordance with the soft-shell crab protocol, that Grid AE-42 in Crab Fishing Area 4 in NAFO Division 3K will close to fishing snow crab and shrimp at midnight on Friday, June 19, 2015 due to a high incidence of soft-shell crab. The grid is defined by the following co-ordinates: 50°20’ North, 53° 30’ West 50°20’ North, 53° 20’ West 50°10’ North, 53° 20’ West 50°10’ North, 53° 30’ West All crab pots must be removed from this area. The ...