The Canadian Coast Guard to Explore Long-term Solutions for Manolis L

Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, today announced that the Canadian Coast Guard is requesting information from businesses that specialize in marine salvage to execute an in-depth technical assessment of the Manolis L.

An in-depth technical assessment will provide detailed information on the status of the hull and identify locations and amounts of oil that may be contained within the wreck. In addition, the technical assessment will outline other operational challenges that will inform the range of long-term options that are available to address the Manolis L.

The technical assessment is a necessary first-step given the challenging conditions at the Manolis L site, and is further proof of our Government’s commitment to the protection of our marine environment.

Canadian Coast Guard Environmental Response officers have been conducting regular site visits to survey the hull of the Manolis L, checking containment seals and removing any oil collected by a cofferdam. The monitoring plan also includes aerial surveillance flights to look for any signs of oil pollution, and monitoring by Coast Guard fleet vessels.

A Canadian Coast Guard Environmental Response team completed its most recent operations in June 2015. An assessment showed that the hull is stable and in good condition and doesn’t represent an immediate major environmental risk.

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