The Twine Loft – August 2022

Passed On: Frank Pinhorn – Conception Bay South, N.L. former Executive Director, Canadian Sealers Association

Pinhorn, 74, passed away on June 15 at his home. Born in 1948, he was a well-known and tireless advocate for the sealing industry in Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as Atlantic Canada. He regularly represented local sealers and the sealing industry both nationally and internationally.


Passed On: Arthur Rumbolt – Castor River South, N.L. fisherman

Rumbolt, 84, passed away on June 17 at the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony. He was born on St. John’s Island on July 29, 1937, to Lawerence Rumbolt and Jane Gaulton (pre-deceased). He was a very hard-working man and fished alongside his brother Lawerence until he retired.


Passed On: Thomas Smith – Raleigh, N.L. fisherman

Smith, 86, passed away on August 7 at the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony. He was born in St. Anthony on August 7, 1935, the son of John and Drucella Smith of Raleigh. He spent a number of years working as an equipment operator with Stanley Hodge in St. Anthony. In 1969, he went to work with NL Hydro as a plant operator and 11 years later continued as a commercial fisherman for his remaining career.


Passed On: Gérald Cormier – Cheticamp, N.S. fisherman

Cormier, 62, passed away on May 31 at the Sacred Heart Community Health Centre in Cheticamp. Born in St. Joseph du Moine on July 14, 1959, he was the son of the late Emile Cormier and the late Marie Poirier. A fisherman by trade, he started lobster fishing with his father Emile. Later, he acquired his own boat and continued fishing lobster and crab until his retirement.


Passed On: Ronald Balkam – Shelburne, N.S. fisherman

Balkam, 80, passed away on May 26 at the Roseway Hospital. Born on August 2, 1941, in Lower Woods Harbour he was the son of the late Percy and Doris Balkam. He was a fisherman all his working life and enjoyed going for drives to the wharf to watch the boats and playing bingo.


Passed On: Cora Burgess – South West Port Mouton, N.S. fish plant worker

Burgess, 81, passed away on June 24 at the Queens General Hospital in Liverpool. Born in Central Port Mouton, she was a daughter of the late Walter and Mildred (Broome) Huphman. She spent her younger years working at White Point Lodge in the housekeeping department before spending most of her working years at the Nickerson Fish Plant and C.W. McLeod Fisheries in Port Mouton.


Passed On: William Newell – Yarmouth, N.S. boat builder

Newell, 92, passed away on June 24 at The Meadows in Yarmouth. He was born on June 5, 1930, to Austin Newell and Lottie (Gallant) Newell in Shelburne, N.S. He was a wooden boat builder all his life and an extremely hard worker at that.


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