The Twine Loft – August 2023

Passed On: Philemon Coombs — Shoal Cove West, N.L. fish plant worker

Coombs, 79, passed away on June 17, 2023. He was born in Shoal Cove West on February 10, 1944. For a time, Coombs worked at the fish plant in Anchor Point, N.L.


Passed On: Todd Whynot — Liverpool, N.S. fish plant worker

Whynot, 40, passed away on June 14, 2023. He was born in Liverpool. Whynot spent some time working in a fish plant before his career in paving.


Passed On: Robert Jacquard — Pembroke, N.S. fish harvester

Jacquard, 70, passed away in Halifax, N.S. on June 22, 2023. He was born in Yarmouth, N.S. on May 15, 1953. Jacquard began his working life as a fisherman.


Passed On: Whyman Noseworthy — Lower Cove, N.L. fish plant worker

Whyman, 80, passed away at his home in Lower Cove on June 7, 2023. He was born on July 3, 1942. Noseworthy spent many years working in a fish plant before becoming a woodsman.


Passed On: Clayton Savory — Sable River, N.S. fish harvester

Savory, 59, passed away on June 26, 2023. He was born on August 14, 1963. Savory was a fisherman since he was 18 until an accident at sea forced him to retire. Come summer, you could find him down at Little Harbour’s wharf either checking on his boat or getting it ready for a little fishing.


Passed On: William Nickerson — Barrington, N.S. fish harvester

Nickerson, 80, passed away at home on June 25, 2023. He was born on June 5, 1943. Nickerson was a fisherman for the majority of his life, fishing out of West Head, N.S.


Passed On: Boyd Ross — Clyde River, N.S. fish harvester

Ross, 69, passed away at home on June 23, 2023. He was born on September 22, 1953. Ross was a fisherman all of his working life.


Passed On: Joseph Muise — Sluice Point, N.S. fish harvester

Muise, 84, passed away at home on May 27, 2023. He was born in Sluice Point on September 29, 1938. Muise was a lobster and scallop fisherman all of his life.


Passed On: Robert Dow — Saint John, N.B. mariner

Dow, 91, passed away in Saint John on June 19, 2023. He was born in Saint John in 1931. Dow enjoyed a distinguished career with the Atlantic Pilotage Authority as a seaman and a relief captain.


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