The Twine Loft – February 2024

Passed On: Bob Kelly — N.L. businessman

Kelly, 81, passed away in St. John’s, N.L. on January 2, 2024. He was born in Beau Bois, N.L. in 1942. At an early age, Kelly began working in the fisheries, which led him to Lunenburg, N.S. where he started a family with his wife, Margaret. His many roles in the fishery enabled him to move back to his beloved Newfoundland in 1972. He was a mentor to many and was respected throughout the province for his knowledge of the marine industry.


Passed On: Nelson Fillier — Englee, N.L. fish plant worker

Fillier, 76, passed away at home on December 21, 2023. He was born on February 5, 1947. Fillier worked at the Englee fish plant for over 30 years in various roles such as quality control and management.


Passed On: Mervin Rhodenizer — Maplewood, N.S. lumberman and boatbuilder

Rhodenizer, 89, passed away in Bridgewater, N.S. on November 30, 2023. He was born on April 30, 1938, in Parkdale, N.S. Rhodenizer owned and operated a sawmill, which saw him achieve one of his proudest accomplishments — milling the new mast for the Bluenose II rebuild project.


Passed On: Earl Roy — Liverpool, N.S. fish harvester

Roy, 69, passed away in Bridgewater, N.S. on December 18, 2023. He was born in Western Head, N.S. Roy worked for Mersey Seafoods from the age of 14 until his retirement as a scallop fisherman.


Passed On: Clyde Byrne — St. Anthony, N.L. fish plant worker

Byrde, 59, passed away in St. Anthony on December 9, 2023. He was heavily committed to St. Anthony Seafood, having been employed there since 1980.


Passed On: John Brown — Saint John, N.B. boatbuilder

Brown, 75, passed away in Saint John on December 19, 2023. He was born on November 13, 1948. Brown was a welder at Saint John Shipbuilding for many years.


Passed On: Réal Cormier — Saint-Joseph-du-Moine, N.S. fish harvester

Cormier, 61, passed away in Chéticamp, N.S. on December 4, 2023. He was born in Saint-Joseph-du-Moine on July 21, 1962. As a fisherman for most of his life, the sea is where Cormier felt most like himself.


Passed On: Charles Hutchinson — Saint John, N.B. Navy veteran and marine engineer

Hutchinson, 70, passed away at home on December 10, 2023. He was born in Kingston, Ontario on April 30, 1953. Hutchinson was a proud member of the Royal Canadian Navy from 1970 to 1976, afterwards having a career as a naval engineer.


Passed On: Maurice Doucet — Saulnierville, N.S. boatbuilder

Doucet, 72, passed away at home on December 3, 2023. He was born in Saulnierville Station on July 12, 1951. Doucet spend 42 years working at A.F. Theriault and Son Ltd. in Meteghan River.


Passed On: Sheldon Symonds — Newellton, N.S. fish harvester

Symonds, 96, passed away in Barrington, N.S. on December 21, 2023. He was born in Clark’s Harbour, N.S. on October 3, 1927. Symonds was a fisherman who loved his time out at sea and wasn’t afraid of hard work.


Passed On: Kenneth Kenney — Goose Lake, N.S. fish harvester

Kenney, 67, passed away in Yarmouth, N.S. on December 17, 2023. He was born in Clark’s Harbour, N.S. on May 31, 1956. Kenney was a mechanic in his early years before becoming a captain of several fishing boats, where he ended his career aboard the Lady Theresa.


Passed On: Donald Whynot — Milton, N.S. fish harvester and fish plant owner

Whynot, 81, passed away at home on November 28, 2023. He was born on February 21, 1942. Whynot worked as a draftsman on the west coast of Canada until he returned home to Nova Scotia in the 1960s. After starting a horticulture business, he invested his proceeds in his first fishing vessel, The Black Chicken. After some success in the fishing industry, he purchased property in Moose Harbour, N.S. and constructed a fish plant where he purchased fish for resale as bait. Whynot proceeded to fish lobster and groundfish aboard his boats Windfall and Blue Chip, which he built himself.


Passed On: Nathan Jacquard — Yarmouth, N.S. mariner

Jacquard, 87, passed away in Yarmouth on December 15, 2023. He was born in Wedgeport, N.S. Jacquard worked on the water all of his life. At age 16, he lied about his age to get onto the merchant ships that were travelling to India. He served on five Coast Guard ships, retiring on the Provo Wallis.


Passed On: Delbert Boudreau — Yarmouth, N.S. fish harvester

Boudreau, 79, passed away in Yarmouth on December 13, 2023. He was born in Wedgeport, N.S. on February 6, 1944. He worked in Ontario for some time before returning to Nova Scotia, where among other occupations, he served as a lobster and scallop fisherman.


Passed On: Dennis Doucette — Yarmouth, N.S. fish harvester

Doucette, 62, passed away on December 13, 2023. He was born in Yarmouth on July 10, 1961. Doucette was a fisherman for many years.

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