The Twine Loft – June 2017

Passed On: Eddie Gaudet – Grosses Coques, N.S. Fisherman

Gaudet, 61, passed away April 15 at the Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, following complications of a major surgery. He was a son of the late Maria (Theriault) Gaudet and was a fisherman for 46 years.

Passed On: Herbert Foote – Lockeport, N.S. Fisherman

Foote, 78, Lockeport, passed away peacefully April 7 at the Queens General Hospital. Born in Lockeport, he was a son of the late George Walter and Aletha Marjorie (Blades) Foote. Herb was a fisherman for most of his working life.

Passed On: Elverton Huphman – South West Port Mouton, N.S. Fisherman

Huphman, 86, passed away peacefully on April 16 at the Queens Manor. Born in South West Port Mouton, he was a son of the late Frederick and Harriet (Smith) Huphman. He spent most of his life at sea as a lobster fisherman.

Passed On: Angus Beaton – Mabou Harbour, N.S. Fisherman

Beaton, 71, passed away March 22 in the company of his loving family after a battle with cancer. Born in Mabou, July 1, 1945, he was the son of the late Alexander and Mary (Marsh) Beaton. He was a successful lobster fisherman and then in 1995 he branched out and became a passionate and successful bluefin tuna fisherman as well.

Passed On: Fred Budgell – St. Anthony, N.L. Fisherman

Budgell, 95, passed away at Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital on April 15. Fred lived and fished in St. Anthony all his life. He was chairman of the first Co-operative Credit Society (Co-op) of St. Anthony and helped form the first Fisherman’s Union in St. Anthony and served as Secretary-treasurer.

Passed On: Eugene Cunningham – Liverpool, N.S. Fish Plant Worker

Cunningham, 76, passed away peacefully on April 24 in Queens General Hospital, Liverpool. Born in Milton, he was a son of the late Arthur and Muriel (Berriman) Cunningham. Gene worked in the woods in his younger years and then later for a fish processing plant in Yarmouth.

Appointed: Morley Knight – Assistant Deputy Minister, Fisheries Policy, Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Prior to his recent promotion to DFO ADM in Ottawa, Knight had been the Regional Director General of the Maritimes Region based in Dartmouth, N.S. since April 2015. He has held executive-level positions at DFO for the past 17 years and has worked at the executive level in the Newfoundland and Labrador, Gulf, Maritimes and National Capital Regions. As Regional Director General Maritimes Region, he was responsible for a region of approximately 700 employees and a fishery that had a landed value of $1.3 billion in 2015 and 2016. During his time, he oversaw a number of initiatives including support to science renewal, the implementation of Marine Conservation Targets leading to the Sensitive Benthic Area closures of Jordan Basin and Corsair Canyon, and the administration of licence reviews in support of PIIFCAF (Policy for Preserving the Independence of the Inshore Fleet in Canada’s Atlantic Fisheries). He was well known for strengthening relationships with the region’s many stakeholders with a particular emphasis on indigenous communities. From 2013 to 2015, he was the Regional Director General of the Gulf Region based in Moncton where he facilitated a licence policy review resulting in a number of modernizations to the policy such as new entrant criteria, and was successful in implementing new measures in the lobster, tuna, shrimp and crab fisheries. Prior to moving to the Gulf Region, he was the Director General of Fisheries Resource Management in Ottawa where he was responsible for the development and implementation of fisheries management regimes across the country as well as the national licensing and catch certification programs.

Elected: Board Members – Baffin Fisheries

Baffin Fisheries recently announced the election of three new board members and appointment of two new recruitment officers in Nunavut. The new board members are Karen Nutarak, elected to represent the Mittimatalik Hunters and Trappers Association (HTA) in Pond Inlet, Apiusie Apak, elected to represent the Namautaq HTA in Clyde River and Jerry Ell, elected to represent the Amaruq HTA in Iqaluit. The company also announced the recent appointment of two new recruitment and administration officers: Eric Ootoovak in Pond Inlet and Daniel Kulugutuk, in Pangnirtung. These new positions were created to help increase the number of Inuit Beneficiaries working aboard Baffin Fisheries vessels and to assist the company in its efforts to increase economic activity in HTA communities.

Baffin Fisheries thanked outgoing board members Sam Palituq, Matthias Kaunak and Ben Kovik for their service over the course of their terms on the board.

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