The Twine Loft – June 2018

Passed On: Norman Peters – North Rustico, P.E.I. fisherman

Peters, 76, passed away at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown on April 16, 2018. He was the son of the late Jerry L. and Jean (Gallant) Peters. Best known as the Bearded Skipper, he was active in affairs concerning the fishing industry and was a long-time member of the Board of Directors of the PEIFA (Fishermen’s Association) and the North Rustico Harbour Authority.

Passed On: Mark Conway – White Head, N.S. fisherman/ lighthouse keeper

Conway, 87, passed away at home on April 26. Born September 15, 1930, Sonny, as he was always known, was a man of incredible strength, relentless fortitude and strong family values. He lived his life on the water, spending 37 years as head lighthouse keeper on White Head Island with his wife and family; a legacy he took over from his father. Upon retiring, he fulfilled his dream of lobster fishing out of his beloved Mosquito Cove for eight years. A master of all trades, Sonny spent his remaining years as a carpenter, boat builder, hobby farmer, avid hunter and woodsman.

Passed On: John Hewitt – Trepassey, N.L. fisherman

Hewitt, 66, passed away on November 27, 2017. He started inshore fishing in 1973 and prior to that, he was employed on the Fishery Products International trawlers. He served as chair of the Southern 3L inshore crab committee from 1997 onward and was also the FFAW inshore council representative for Point Lance to Pouch Cove for many years.

Passed On: Cecil Hendsbee – Phillips Harbour, N.S. fisherman

Hendsbee, 65, passed away on April 4. Born April 13, 1952, he was a son of the late Cecil and Eva (Bond) Hendsbee. He was a fisherman for almost 50 years. He loved seeing the ocean, sailing with his grandkids around and talking fish stories. He retired from fishing in June 2017 because of health reasons and sold out to his son, Barry.

Passed On: Edward Roberts – Canso, N.S. fish plant worker

Roberts, 89, passed away on April 13 at the Eastern Memorial Hospital in Canso. Born March 28, 1929, he was a son of the late Wallace Belmont and Hilda Mae (Greencorn) Roberts. A champion fish filleter, he worked for various fish processing companies in Canso, Mulgrave, Halifax and Riverport as a cutter and a supervisor.

Passed On: Blair d’Entremont – Lower West Pubnico, N.S. fisherman

D’Entremont, 92, passed away at Foyer Céleste in Meteghan on Easter Sunday, April 1. Born in Lower West Pubnico, he was the son of the late Marcel J. d’Entremont and Gladys Ann d’Entremont. He started his fishing career at the age of 15 and continued to fish until he was 74 years old. As an adult, he was the captain of his vessels. Lobstering, swordfishing and longlining were what he enjoyed. He was always respected and liked by his crew, as well as in the community.

Passed On: Elmer Muise – Morris Island, N.S. fisheries officer

Muise, 75, passed away on April 4 in Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Born October 24, 1942 on Surette’s Island, he was a son of the late Henry and Gertrude (Surette) Muise. He worked as a scallop fisherman for some time, after which he worked with the Department of Fisheries as a fisheries officer.

Passed On: Garth Atkinson – Stoney Island, N.S. fish processor

Atkinson, 63, passed away in Yarmouth Regional Hospital on April 17. Born in Sandy Point on September 21, 1954, he was the son of Mervin and Angela (Quinlan) Atkinson. Most of his time was dedicated to his life’s work at Stoney Island Fisheries, where he started working at age 10.

Passed On: John Hubbard – Hubbard’s Point, N.S. fisherman

Hubbard, 68, passed away on April 8. Born May 5, 1949, he was the son of the late Raymond and Lizer Hubbard. He worked as a scallop fisherman until his health began to decline years ago.

Passed On: Ennis Brannen – Barrington, N.S. fisherman

Brannen, 79, formerly of Stoney Island, passed away on April 23 at the Bay Side Home. Born September 16, 1938, he was a son of the late Herbert and Isabelle (Ross) Brannen. He was a hard worker, having worked for Smith Boat Builders for 17 years before he began fishing and lobstering.

Passed On: Ernest Nickerson – Sandy Point, N.S. fisherman

Nickerson, 70, passed away on April 12. Born in Port La Tour, he was a son of the late Daniel and Stella (O’Connell) Nickerson. He was a fisherman during his working life.

Passed On: Trudy Daury – South West Port Mouton, N.S. fish plant worker

Daury, 74, passed away at the Queens Manor, Liverpool on April 18. Born in South West Port Mouton, she was a daughter of the late W. Ansel and R. Doreen (Roy) Allison. She worked in various fish plants throughout Queens County doing a variety of jobs.

Passed On: Arthur Muise – Melbourne, N.S. fisherman

Muise, 84, passed away on April 26 at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Born February 5, 1934 in Melbourne, he was a son of the late Edward and Violet (Harrington) Muise. Arthur spent 40 years working as a lobster fisherman, having also worked at Cosmos Imperial Mills and as a carpenter.

Passed On: Ernest Himmelman – Port l’Herbert, N.S. fisherman

Himmelman 66, passed away at the Queens General Hospital on April 4. Born in Lydgate, he was a son of the late Stanley and Edith (Gardner) Himmelman. He was a fisherman and lobsterman most of his working life.

Appointed: Harvey Jarvis – Secretary-Treasurer, Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador (FISH-NL)

Jarvis, a native of Fair Haven, Placentia Bay, began his working life aboard his father’s fishing boat as an inshore harvester, serving as the first chairman of the Placentia Bay Fishermen’s Action Committee and eventually moving on to the FFAW where he worked for more than 20 years as project manager. He takes over the role of secretary-treasurer from Johanna Ryan Guy, who stepped down in December for personal reasons.

Appointed: Advisory Panel – Marine Protected Areas

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans recently announced the members of an advisory panel that is tasked with recommending the standards that will apply inside marine protected areas. The members include Rémi Bujold, a former federal Liberal MP and cabinet minister from Quebec, former federal fisheries minister David Anderson from British Columbia, Halifax businessman Tom Hayes, Inuit leader Mary Simon, environmentalist Darcy Dobell, Chief Maureen Thomas of the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation in British Columbia and former New Brunswick civil servant Marc Léger.

Awarded: Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s National Fisheries Intelligence Service

The Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s National Fisheries Intelligence Service (NFIS) recently received an international award recognizing its leadership in intelligence analysis. Established in 2012, the NFIS is the flagship initiative of the Conservation and Protection (C&P) Branch’s new intelligence-led approach to fisheries enforcement. It provides intelligence to support fishery officers in enforcing the Fisheries Act and associated Acts and Regulations, contributing to the conservation and protection of Canadian fish stocks and the healthy aquatic ecosystems that allow them to thrive. The award was presented by the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts on April 9 in Anaheim, California. The International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts is the largest international professional organization representing law enforcement analysts. Its goal is to advance the high standards in intelligence analysis at all levels by providing training and certification programs.

Awarded: 2nd Annual Turning the Tide Marine Industry Awards

Industry Leadership and Excellence Award: Atlantic Towing Ltd.

Industry Lifetime Achievement Award: Chesley Penney Sr.

Award of Historic Marine Significance: Captain William Jackman



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