The Twine Loft – March 2019

Passed On: William Parsons – Salmon Cove, N.L. labour leader

Parsons passed away on January 26 at the Carbonear General Hospital following a brief bout with pancreatic cancer. He left his home in Flatrock at the age of 16 to teach, but soon realized that the classroom was not for him, so he moved on to the iron ore mine in what is now Labrador City. Having not yet reached the mandatory age to work in the mine, he worked in the kitchen until his 18th birthday. He signed his first union card with Local 5795 of the United Steelworks Union of America in July of 1959. He would later serve as the international representative for 19 years, a position that afforded him the opportunity to visit numerous small towns across Atlantic Canada. In 1984, he joined the Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union as its organizing director until 1986 when he moved on to the Communications Workers of Canada as a vice-president until 1992. A couple of years of contract-based work ensued until 1995 when Bill joined the Newfoundland and Labrador Building and Construction Trades Council as executive director. In 2003 he accepted the executive director position of the Newfoundland and Labrador International Building Trades Petroleum Development Association until his retirement in 2005. Bill served as an umpire for the Building Trades Council until 2015. He served as a labour representative with the N.L. Labour Relations Board until 2018.

Passed On: Donald Graham – Aquaforte, N.L. fish processor

Graham, 74, passed away on January 11 after a short illness. He co-founded Aqua Fisheries in his hometown of Aquaforte in 1972. He will also be known as a long-time town mayor and community leader.

Passed On: Alfred Boudreau – Petit de Grat, N.S. fish plant worker

Boudreau, 90, passed away on December 27 at home. Born August 2, 1928 in Petit de Grat, he was a son of the late Ernest and Rosanna (Samson) Boudreau. He worked at Booth Fisheries for more than 30 years.

Passed On: Kenneth Christie – Baccaro, N.S. fisherman

Christie, 75, passed away on January 23 at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Born April 28, 1943, he was a son of the late Tommy Garron and Barrnet Christie. Kenneth was a fisherman his entire life.

Passed On: Edward Pothier – Wedgeport, N.S. fisherman

Pothier, 58 passed away at home on January 23. He was the son of the late Edward Pothier and Florence Richard. He was happiest when he was on the water, fishing or going to the islands with his family. Saltwater ran through his veins. He started learning the ropes of fishing at the young age of 12 and he had been going ever since. Though he mainly lobster fished, over the years he did most types of fishing at one time or another. For a couple of summers, he did some rock weeding in the United States.

Passed On: Everette Garron – Yarmouth, N.S. fisherman

Garron, 86, formerly of Baccaro, passed away at the Meadows nursing home in Yarmouth on January 22. He was the son of the late Roy and Thelma (Smith) Garron. He was a fisherman for many years up to his retirement and he loved the outdoors. 

Passed On: Peter LeBlanc – Morris Island, N.S. fisherman

LeBlanc, 87, passed away on January 22 at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Born on May 28, 1931 on Morris Island, he was a son of the late Matteur and Lena (Muise) LeBlanc. Peter and his family lived in Sandwich, Mass. for more than 15 years, where he worked as a carpenter and as a heavy equipment operator. After moving back to Nova Scotia, he worked as a lobster fisherman as well as at IMO Foods in Yarmouth. He also worked in Labrador for a time as a cook in his early years.

Passed On: Wilbert Sears – Woods Harbour, N.S. fish processor

Sears, 86, passed away on January 21 due to stroke-related complications. Born on September 13, 1932, he was the son of Mervin and Elizabeth Sears of Shag Harbour. He worked closely with his uncle, the late Robert Smith, before starting a trucking company with lifelong friend, Ivan Kendrick. He formed a seafood company, Woods Harbour Fisheries, then returned to Shag Harbour to form Harbour Lobster with his nephew, Wayne Banks, as well as establishing an independent seafood company, W. Sears Seafoods.

Passed On: Alfred Muise – Upper Wedgeport, N.S. fisherman

Muise, 89, passed away on January 19. Born December 17, 1929 in Amirault’s Hill, he was a son of the late Mathias “Joe” and Odille (Boudreau) Muise. He worked as a lobster fisherman.

Passed On: Elmer Albright – Westport, N.S. fisherman

Albright, 60, passed away at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital on January 23. Born in Digby on April 2, 1958, he was the second youngest child of the late Edward and Ruth (Bannister) Albright. Over the years he worked at fish plants and as a lobster fisherman. He was a jack-of-all-trades and was always tinkering with something. He was also a member of Royal Canadian Legion Branch #92.

Passed On: David Quinlan – Forbes Point, N.S. fisherman

Quinlan, 64, passed away on January 21 at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Born December 25, 1954 at Clam Point, he was the son of the late Austin and Jessie (Ross) Quinlan. He was a very experienced fisherman, starting his career as a very young boy.

Appointed: Zach Whynot – Manager, TriNav Fisheries Consultants (TFC)

The TriNav Group of Companies recently announced the appointment of Zach Whynot as Manager of TriNav Fisheries Consultants (TFC). Zach has worked for TFC over the past 11 years and has extensive experience in the fisheries consulting field. He is well-known throughout the Group of Companies and has been a valuable and proven resource to its many clients.

Appointed Dave Bollivar – Manager of Special Projects, TriNav Group of Companies

The TriNav Group of Companies recently appointed fishing industry veteran Dave Bollivar to the position of Manager of Special Projects for the organization. Dave’s experience in managing TriNav Fisheries Consultants (TFC) for the past 13 years, combined with his decades of success in the fishing and marine industries, makes him the ideal candidate for this exciting, new role. Dave will also continue on as a Senior Consultant with TFC.

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