The Twine Loft – May 2021

Passed On: Aaron Cogswell – Aldershot, N.S. fisherman

Cogswell, 29, was lost at sea on December 15, 2020, when the vessel he was on, the Chief William Saulis, sank off of DeLap’s Cove, Digby County. He loved being on the water and always had the biggest smiles when he was aboard a fishing boat.


Passed On: Michael Webber – Petite Riviere, N.S. marine engineer

Webber, 51, passed away on March 17. He was the son of Warren Webber and Sheila MacNeil. He excelled in his career as chief engineer and marine superintendent. He was a great shipmate and was well-respected by the crews he sailed with and all his business contacts. He was very proud of his adventures onboard the Polar Prince, which sailed out of Lunenburg — a highlight being an active part with the C3 voyage across Canada.


Passed On: Bernard Williams – West Green Harbour, N.S. marine electrician technician

Williams, 71, passed away on March 19 at the Roseway Hospital, Shelburne. He was born on August 30, 1949 to Flora Kathleen and Wilfred C. Williams of Little Harbour, Nova Scotia. He studied electronics at Shelburne Vocational School. Throughout his lifetime he enjoyed several careers from electronic repair services to business owner, fish plant worker, tugboat driver and electrician technician, with much of his employment being with Shelburne Marine.


Passed On: Elizabeth Earle – St. Lunaire-Griquet, N.L. fish plant worker

Earle, 76, passed away on March 16. She was born on August 12, 1945 to Bessie and William Hillier in St. Lunaire-Griquet. She was a hard worker and worked in the fish plant most of her life where she made many long-lasting friendships.


Passed On: Raymond Kearney – St. Anthony, N.L. fisherman

Kearney, 71, passed away on March 4 at the Charles Curtis Memorial Hospital. Most of his years were spent fishing with his father, uncles and brothers. His love of the water remained with him until the day he died.


Passed On: Freeman Scott – Shelburne, N.S. fisherman

Scott, 71, passed away on March 3. He was born in Shelburne on Dec. 7, 1949 to Freeman Scott and Merle (Williams) Scott. He was a fisherman all of his life encompassing both longlining and swordfishing and many others. In recent years, he fulfilled a lifelong dream of starting a lobster fishing business beside his son Kevin.


Passed On: Raymond Cottreau – Upper Wedgeport, N.S. fisherman and marine cook

Cottreau, 89, passed away on February 27 at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Born on July 31, 1931 in Wedgeport, he was the son of the late Frank and Hilda (Boudreau) Cottreau. He was a retired lobster fisherman and then a cook for 34 years aboard The Lady Yvette scallop dragger and was well respected for his character and cooking skills by his fellow shipmates.


Passed On: Robert Cottreau – Upper Brenton, N.S. mariner

Cottreau, 93, passed away on February 27. Born on February 8, 1928 in Yarmouth, he was the son of the late Alcide and Ida (Doucet) Cottreau who were lighthouse keepers on the Bunkers Island “Bug Light” at the entrance to the Yarmouth Harbour where Robert and his siblings were raised. He worked for Marine Atlantic on the Yarmouth-Bar Harbour ferry for over 30 years.


Passed On: Ryan Porter – South Ohio, N.S. fisherman

Porter, 22, unexpectedly passed away on March 13. Born in Yarmouth on September 28, 1998, he was a son to Troy Porter (Kelly Murphy) and Beulah Cottreau. His love of the sea was inherited from his family which lead him to pursue a career as a lobster fisherman.


Passed On: Mark d’Eon – West Pubnico, N.S. fisherman

d’Eon, 48, passed away on March 6. Born in Yarmouth on August 3, 1972, he was a son to Carmen (Priscilla) d’Eon and Lynn (Rob) Kaufmann. He was a lobster fisherman by trade, but also went herring seining, crabbing and swordfishing.


Appointed: Matthew Duffy – Interim Executive Director, Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia

The Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia Board of Directors recently appointed Matthew Duffy as its interim Executive Director. Duffy has been with the Association for nearly four years, serving in the capacity of safety advisor, assisting and training with the organization’s harvester membership.



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