The Twine Loft – November 2017

Passed On: Wayne Masters – Mooring Cove, N.L. Fisherman

Masters, 63, passed away at the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre on September 14, 2017. He was a professional fish harvester and a long-serving member of the FFAW–Unifor. He served on the inshore council and executive board representing fish harvesters on the west and south coast of Newfoundland. He was a strong promoter of training and professionalization within the industry. He was also involved with the Red Harbour community and served on many committees and facilitated/assisted with many projects supporting community development and activities over the years.

Passed On: Louis Larade – Chéticamp, N.S. Fisherman

Larade, 72, passed away August 30 at the Sacred Heart Community Health Centre. Born in Chéticamp, he was a son of the late Alcide Larade and Philomene (Bourgeois) Larade. He was a fisherman and a jack-of-all-trades. He liked to do some light gardening, take walks and drive his four-wheeler.

Passed On: Thomas Larkin – Wild Bight, N.L. Fisherman

Larkin, 72, passed peacefully away on July 7. He was a fisherman by occupation and worked at other jobs following the 1992 moratorium. He had a fine sense of humour and an engaging manner and could be counted upon to share his ongoing interests in current affairs, at times passionately.

Passed On: Néree Jacquard – Comeau’s Hill, N.S. Fisherman and Boatbuilder

Jacquard, 66, passed away on September 26 at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital after a courageous battle with cancer. Born May 12, 1951 in Little River Harbour, he was a son of the late Earl and Pauline (Surette) Jacquard. He was a jack-of-all-trades, but worked as a carpenter, lobster fisherman and as a boat builder until his health prevented him from working.

Passed On: Andrew LeBlanc – Wedgeport, N.S. Fisherman

LeBlanc, 87, passed away on September 20 at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Born July 16, 1930 in Wedgeport, he was a son of the late Louis and Charlotte (Cole) LeBlanc. He worked as a fish buyer and had also worked as a fisherman.

Passed On: Chester Cotter – East Green Harbour, N.S. Fisherman

Cotter, 76, passed away on September 14 at the Roseway Hospital, Sandy Point. He was born in East Green Harbour on December 9, 1940 to the late Leard and Laura (Williams) Cotter. He loved the sea and was a fisherman all his working life. He loved hunting, gardening, raising any and all kinds of animals and helping anyone in need.

Passed On: Horst Weiss – Saint John, N.B. Vessel Captain

Weiss, 78, passed away on September 29. Born in 1939, in Graal- Muritz, Germany, he was the son of the late Ernst and Freda (Boguslawski) Weiss. He immigrated to Canada in 1969 where he began his lifelong career on the water. Starting as a deckhand on fishing vessels in Nova Scotia, he worked his way up to captain with Atlantic Towing and he finished his career as captain with Cooke Aquaculture in 2016.

Passed On: Victor LeBlanc – Meteghan River, N.S. Fisherman

LeBlanc passed away on September 6. He was a lobster fisherman — captain of the Frenchy Bay out of Meteghan for many years prior to retiring to a life of caravanning in a fifth-wheel chasing authentic country music especially bluegrass. Victor was resourceful and self-sufficient. He took up the hobby of violin luthier at retirement.

Passed On: John Sark – Lennox Island First Nation, P.E.I. Former Chief

Sark, 83, passed away at Western Hospital, Alberton, on September 27. He was a respected Mi’kmaq leader and Chief of Lennox Island First Nation from 1972 to 1998. Born on February 7, 1934, son of the late John James and Elsie (Houghton) Sark.

Passed On: John Addington – Weaver Settlement, N.S. Fish Plant Worker

Addington, 44, passed away at home on September 6. Born in Digby, he was a son of Malcolm Addington, St. Bernard; and Aimee Addington, Villa Acadienne, Meteghan. He was a long-time employee of Comeau’s Sea Foods Ltd.

Passed On: Wallace Mann – Port Medway, N.S. Fisherman

Mann, 77, passed away at the Hillside Pines Seniors Home in Bridgewater on September 21. Born February 1, 1940, on the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, he was the eldest son of the late Calvin and Annabelle (Hottot) Mann. In the beginning of his life as a fisherman, he spent many years on the sea, herring fishing, gill netting, lobster and scallop fishing, dragging and longlining. Many of those years spent with his three sons on the boat that he built with his own hands. In his earlier years, he worked in a candy factory in Ontario and during the off-season in the winter months driving trucks to the United States delivering Christmas trees and fish, then returning with fruit from the south to the stores in the Gaspe. As well as his passion for the sea, he also had a love of the woods and nature itself. He loved to hunt moose, deer and bear. During his early years in the winter months when the commercial fishing season ended for the year, he would venture into the woods to trap for furs. After retiring from the fishing industry, he had returned to the sea with a passion for sailing the Atlantic Ocean.

Passed On: Eugene Challoner – Deerfield, N.S. Fish Plant Worker

Challoner, 80, passed away peacefully on September 9 at the Home for Special Care in Meadows. Born April 9, 1937 in Deerfield, he was a son of the late Ruby Mae Challoner and a step-son of the late Joseph Bradford Kenney. He worked as a stevedore in Ontario for 10 years, after which he returned to Yarmouth and worked as a fish processor at Kennebec Fisheries and as a taxi driver.

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