The Twine Loft – September 2021

Passed On: John Russell – Main Brook, N.L. fisherman

Russell, 96, passed away on July 21. He was born on August 3, 1924, to his parents, Charles and Rhoda Russell in Georges Cove, Labrador. As a young man, he moved to Main Brook where his work ethic and desire to provide for his family led him to pursue a lifelong career in the fishery. He returned to Labrador every summer with his family for the fishing season until the moratorium in 1992.


Passed On: Peter Woodford – Harbour Main, N.L. business owner

Woodford, 86, passed away on July 24 at St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital in St, John’s. Born on April 14, 1935, he was a rambling soul and lover of the ocean who became a seaman and joined the Royal Canadian Navy while still a teenager and celebrated his 17th birthday in Norway. He also became a military and civilian policeman, but was lured back to the sea and sailed on numerous CN coastal boats, most notably the SS Kyle for several years, before he became a mining foreman in western Labrador and then a construction foreman and a road building technician in Newfoundland. He then became a private businessman who owned and managed fish plants in Newfoundland, as well as on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania in eastern Africa.


Passed On: Colin MacDonald – Mabou Harbour, N.S. fisherman

MacDonald, 82, passed away on July 23 at the Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital. He was born on July 27, 1938, in Mabou to the late John Finley and Mary Sarah MacDonald. In his early years he began his fishing career with his father, which he continued all of his adult life.


Passed On: Larry DeViller – Little River Harbour, N.S. fish plant worker

DeViller, 82, passed away on July 17 at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital. Born in Pinkney’s Point on October 7, 1938, he was the son of the late Willie and Lena (Deveau) DeViller. He was a hard worker and enjoyed working at Schooner Seafoods in Wedgeport until his retirement.


Passed On: Francis Roache – Lockeport, N.S. fisherman

Roache, 60, passed away on July 11. Born on August 14, 1960, he was the fourth child of Eugene and Sarah Roache of West Head. Always a hard worker, his passion was lobster fishing, both inshore and offshore.


Passed On: Joyce Dolliver – Yarmouth, N.S. fish plant worker

Dolliver, 62, formerly of Liverpool, passed away on July 21. Born in Liverpool, she was a daughter of the late John and Anna (Whynot) Lannon. She was a fish packer with the former Bluewave Fisheries in Port Mouton.


Passed On: Vincent Stuart – Meteghan Centre, N.S. business owner

Stuart, 58, passed away on July 16 from an unexpected heart attack while on a fishing trip at Eagle River in Labrador. His main business was Clare Machine Works Limited in Meteghan Centre, N.S. which his father founded in 1972. He took over after his father’s retirement and quickly expanded the business. He has since then created several other companies and partnerships and was part of many community organizations. Vince was also the proud recipient of numerous awards for his multitude of inventions.


Passed On: David Kernick – Sydney Mines, N.S. marine engineer

Kernick, 92, passed away on July 10. Born in Sydney Mines on April 7, 1929, he was the son of the late Archie and Bertha (Quinn) Kernick. He joined the Merchant Navy at 14 where he advanced from a boy shoveling coal into the ship’s boiler, to working in the engine room, all the way to becoming a marine engineer. He served his country and allies until the end of WWII when he began working at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography as an engineer on both the Baffin and the Fort Francis.


Passed On: Frank MacLellan – Meat Cove, N.S. fisherman

MacLellan, 60, passed away on June 30 at the Cape Breton Regional Hospital. Born on Oct. 31, 1960, he was the son of the late Francis MacLellan and Catherine (Fraser) MacLellan. Along with his family, his next love was the sea. From his young years of fishing with his father to just up until the last week fishing with his sons, he enjoyed fishing and loved being on the water. He will be missed by his deckhand of 24 years, his brother-in-law Albert and greatly missed at the wharf each day.


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