University Helps Out Local Fishermen

Memorial University may be closed, but on the upside, it has given us access to one of its parking lots in Corner Brook to allow local fishermen to work on fishing gear while the pandemic is ongoing.

We have been working there since early May and will be in great shape for the autumn/winter herring fishery.

Purse seines require a large flat area to be mended properly. After the federal government privatized our city’s port facilities, we lost access to the dockyard and warehouses. We asked local school boards for parking lots in return for lunch program donations, we asked Fortis for access to some empty parking lots, the city…. no go.

We are so grateful that I have made a $3,000 donation to the Memorial University Student Emergency Fund (there are a lot of stranded foreign students here) and are in talks to endow a modest scholarship next year.

It is encouraging that, even in a pandemic, someone can look beyond the length of their nose and find mutually beneficial ways to help each other out.

There is a long-term care home at the edge of the University, adjacent to the parking lot which has been forced to close its doors to visitors for months because of the pandemic. Every day the nurses wheel the old people out to the edge of the parking lot (all bundled up) to watch us work. Surrounded on all sides by forest and an empty university, it’s apparently the most entertainment available.


Samuel Anderson
Corner Brook, N.L.

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